E.L.V. DENIM is a pioneering British luxury brand dedicated to crafting timeless fashion pieces from 100% upcycled materials.

We breathe a second life into garments destined for landfill, transforming loss into luxury.

Founded by renowned fashion stylist Anna Foster in 2018, we started with our signature contrast colour denim mid-seam jeans. Since then, we’ve expanded our collection to include shirts, dresses and accessories, as well as a cotton collection upcycled using textiles from luxury hotels.

In a world of overconsumption, E.L.V. DENIM challenges convention and provides another way to enjoy fashion.

Each piece is unique and has its own story. It begins with the fabric, which is sourced from
preloved garments, before being skillfully handcrafted into considered, stylish, sustainable
designs that last a lifetime.


E.L.V. stands for East London Vintage, as all of our collections are designed and produced locally in the British capital.

Why? Because we’re passionate about reducing the transcontinental transport usually involved in jean production. We also believe skilled local manufacturers and craftspeople should be paid fairly for their work.

Our atelier in East London is the heart of our business, but we work with other local ateliers that share our sustainable ethos. Indeed, our local community of creatives, from tailors and machinists to artists and designers, are like family to us.

Together we can be change-makers within the fashion industry.


E.L.V. DENIM was born from a desire to correct the fashion industry’s wrongs.

Our founder Anna Foster witnessed first-hand the large-scale overconsumption in the fashion industry through her role as a stylist. She realised that with considered upcycling and fabric-first curated sourcing, we can meet the global demand for design-led luxury fashion and be kinder to the environment. It’s a win-win. This is why every stage of our production process is environmentally and socially conscious, from sourcing and local production to selling.

In a world of overconsumption, we can make a difference.

We can champion slow fashion, craftsmanship and attention to detail. We can do better for the planet. There’s plenty of life left in garments destined for landfill, especially denim, a fabric that was created to be hard-wearing and long-lasting.

So let’s return to a society that truly values this important textile and the artistry that created it, taking it from loss to luxury. Let’s put a stop to the negative narrative around pollution. It’s time to explore inspired common sense solutions.


Our founder and creative director Anna Foster is as passionate about the fashion industry as she is about fixing its problems.