Director / All round legend

Raine was one of my first clients to visit the shop when I launched it last year. She fell in love with a pink bleach and a contrast pair and the rest as they say is history. She really embodies everything I represent. Thank you for being apart of our #ELVFamilyStories and supporting my business. We chat to Raine about her incredible work as a Director and living a more environmentally friendly lifestyle on a boat.

E.L.V. DENIM: Can you tell us a bit about you? and what you do?

Raine Allen-Miller: Well hi, I am Raine (ha!) and I am a film director. I have been working in the film and advertising industry for a while now and have worked with some big clients. I am in the process of working on my first feature film, which is really exciting! I am also working on a TV show which is currently in development. And then I have started to write a Pilot for a TV show. So, I am a busy human.

We should just mention here, that one of Raine’s recent works she directed is the latest Tesco Ad . and in our humble opinion the best Christmas Ad this year;‘The no naughty list!'’

Raine wears the Grey Black Contrast Straight Leg Jeans
E.L.V. : Can you tell us a little more about the feature film and what inspires you?

RAM: The feature is exciting - we’re doing it with BBC, BFI, and Fox - it’s an unapolagetically uplifting romance comedy set in Brixton and Peckham. I love it because it’s straight up Funny. We need that at the moment. I just cast my lead actors so it’s all feeling really real and exciting.

I’m also developing a TV show which I have written. I don’t want to give too much away as it is still in development and I’m a bit superstitious but it’s a comedy drama with lots of masturbation and inappropriate jokes.

I’m inspired by the stupid things in life that underneath are actually quite meaningingful. I love silly and sadness combined.

Raine wears the Mid Blue Match Straight Leg Jeans
E.L.V. : How did you discover E.L.V. DENIM?

RAM: I used to live around the corner from ‘The Factory’, and I happen to just walk by one day and I went inside. Anna and I just started chatted loads, (she’s really nice!) and then I started trying on jeans and I just really liked them. They are so unique, and they fit unbelievably well. Anna and I instantly hit it off and I love unique, fun pieces. I loved her ethos of investing in one piece (or two pieces in this case!) rather than spending lots of money on high street, cheap stuff.

Raine wears the Black Dark Blue Cotrast Straight Leg Jeans
E.L.V. : What are your approaches to a more environmentally conscious lifestyle?

RAM: Well.. I mean I live on a boat! I don’t know if that necessarily means that I am doing this unintentionally, however it has made me think about my actions and purchases of cleaning products a lot more. At the moment I don’t have a toilet or a flipping kitchen, which is insane, …..or even a sink. I live on marina where there is showering facilities and stuff (so I do maintain basic hygiene ha!) When I do my washing up, the water goes directly into the river, so firstly when you don’t have a sink, you realise how much water you waste! And then also the chemicals that a lot of these cleaning products use are really detrimental to the environment. I have become so much more aware of what I am putting out into the environment and how I live my lifestyle (recycling, food waste, compost etc). Living on this boat has made me respect the environment and our use of its incredible resources so much more!

E.L.V. : How have you been coping during lockdown?

RAM: Umm you know.. I have been quite lucky because I have been working loads, but it has been really hard. Everyone has been saying that it has given them time to reflect and what not, which is true, I also think that boredom is good for people, as it makes you be a bit more creative and think more about what you do value, but it has been pretty depressing, it’s really not great. But it’s pretty mad that a vaccine is going to start rolling out as of next week. They will not let corona virus seep into 2021 which I am very glad to hear!

E.L.V. : You have a great fondness for Tom Selleck (!) how did this come about?

RAM: OH MY GOD! Hilarious. I started writing weird monologues on my Instagram about Tom Selleck, this is the sort of stuff I started doing when I was REALLY bored during lockdown, but I just really like hairy chests and that’s Tom Selleck! ….Well Tom Selleck circa 1980! And I just really like… I don’t know what else to say I just really like him. The writing I have done in those Instagram posts that’s just the kind of stuff I like doing, stupid embarrassing stuff.

E.L.V. : What are your favourite pair of E.L.V. DENIM jeans and why?

RAM: Ohhh this is a tough one as I have 4 pairs. But my favourite pair at the moment are a pair Straight Leg Bleach Match. You know when you just put something on, and you feel AMAZING. I can’t explain them, but they just fit me perfectly. They have been bleached before being cut and the unevenness of this detailing just make them even more unique then they are.