How To Style Jeans According To Industry Experts


When it comes to jeans, it’s easy to just throw on a pair and not think too hard about it. That’s the beauty of jeans; they can go with everything and anything. Whether it’s rain or shine, errands or evenings out, a great pair of jeans can be suitable for any occasion. But how do we make a stalwart staple like jeans look super chic?The team of editors at W. ICONS – an online source of fashion inspiration and styling tips – share with us some handy tips by telling us how they wear their favourite denim pieces.

Fashion Director at W. ICONS
Polly Knight

Straight-leg jeans are the most versatile shape in my wardrobe. I don’t wear colour, but I think a mid-wash denim counts as a neutral, as it can be worn in all seasons and paired with any colour – I do occasionally sport red socks! I like my jeans to hit just at the ankle. When jeans are too cropped they can potentially cut you off in the wrong place, and if they’re too long, they risk dragging on the ground. At ankle length, I can confidently pair them with any shoe, from sandals to heels. I currently have this two-tone pair of jeans in my basket; I love that it’s a straight-leg shape, but the mix of the two types of denim adds a fun twist on an otherwise classic piece. I plan on wearing them to my next pub evening with some strappy, heeled sandals, a white button-up, and a timeless leather jacket.

Co-founder & CCO at W. ICONS
Laura Fantacci

I put comfort at the forefront of every fashion decision I make, which is why I’m a big fan of boyfriend jeans. I love the style’s loose fit and the easy way it hangs off the body. I tend to go for a darker wash, which I think always looks chic. As a petite person, I usually opt for a cropped length, and if that’s not available I’ll roll them up to just above my ankles. I also think the cropped length tends to go better with flats, and since I don’t wear heels that’s my priority. This high-waisted pair would absolutely be a go-to everyday pair of jeans for me; I’d wear them with my Gucci loafers and a tailored blazer to the office, or with my trusty New Balance trainers and a lightweight utility jacket for a perfect spring day out with my kids.

Co-founder & COO at W. ICONS
Petro Stofberg

In the summer, my go to is a light-wash, wide-leg jean. For comfort and ease, I love a loose fit when it gets warmer. Styling wise, I tend to go a bit 70s and pair mine with either loose blouses or lightweight, cotton knits. To keep with the casual vibe, I usually add a Birkenstock sandal or a pair of canvas trainers. I love the Freya jeans – the style ticks every box I’m looking for in an effortless summer jean.