Dedicated to the ones we love

​Founder, and Creative Director Anna Foster, extends her #ELVFAMILY for a refresh of the brands seasonless and timeless pieces taking inspiration from those closest to her.

Each person bringing their own unique style and personality, the essence of E.L.V. DENIM. ​​‘I am constantly inspired by my friends and family around me, and they are also sources of honest feedback, which is vital as the brand grows. Every single person here is someone I value, admire and am proud to call a friend.
​​Each piece featured is unique as the person who wears it.

read below about each of our #elvfamily and their stories

Amanda Grossman

"Amanda Grossman is my denim obsessed friend, supporter from the beginning and a talented celebrity makeup artist, with a divine perfume out soon which I am addicted too​."

kaiva kaimins

"Kai is an inspirational girl boss, owner of My Lady Garden, the hottest florist right now, all at the age of 25. She is awesome and works alongside us at The Factory in Dalston."

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Rosh mahtani

"Rosh and I met 5 years ago; she had just launchedALIGHIERI Jewellery. I have watched her passion, kindness and talent grow her business into one that inspires me. Plus…I adore her jewellery!​"

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cat deeley

"Cat and I have known each other for nearly two decades. First as her stylist, then as close friends. She is my daughter’s godmother as I believe her values will inspire her, and she will always be there for her, glass of champs in hand.​"

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leila and lily

"Lily and I worked on a shoot only last year, and yet I feel I have known her forever. When I met Lily, I met Leila. Their relationship is so strong you can’t know one without the other. I was honoured when they agreed to be part of this."

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emma breschi

"Emma came to me with a tv project, a jacket and a pair of capri jeans 2 years ago. The project paused, but I kept her pieces safe to upcycle into her unique pieces. She is a passionate environmentalist using her talents for good only. Oh and she also is a pretty awesome photographer.​"

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sophie quy

"Sophie has been a supporter of E.L.V. DENIM from the moment we met, both personally and professionally in her capacity as the commercial director at Threads Styling. I am delighted to say she only wears my jeans!"

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suzy haven

"Suzy is my sister, younger in age but some may say wiser in many ways! I am really close to my siblings, so the fact that all our children are too it’s one of the good things in life.​ Seen here with her two boys George + Monty."

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susie bubble

"Susie and I were first introduced through Fashion Revolutionand her continued support has meant so much to me."

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liz taw

"Liz, her energy and great hair have been with me from the start, and she embodies everything about the brand. She is someone I love to be around, and if you are able to get your hands on her range of natural remedies you won’t be able to live without them.​"

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toyo and sid

"Toyo is a true creator. A stylist and a maker, she collaborated with us on our masks using Shibori techniques. Then naturally we met Sid, a model and a photographer. Their relationship is one that makes you smile."

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Image with text

"Lauren and I met 4 years ago. Her brilliant wit and energy make everyone want to be in her gang. She had one of the very first pairs of E.L.V. DENIM jeans and she has been a muse ever since. "

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michelle mahkle

"Michelle is a strategic consultant who I have known and respected for many years. She owns one of each style and looks amazing in all of them. Thank you for your continuous support."

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melissa king

"I met Melissa quite early in the E.L.V. DENIM journey. Not only is she frankly a genius at pattern cutting, but such a wonderful person and that counts for everything in my world."

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tanya foster

"My brother introduced Tanya to us in 2003 and she instantly became part of our family. My brother is often away, a lot in fact! But she is the most amazing mother and effortlessly does it.​"

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marc bourne

"Marc is probably the most natural model I have come across and the most reluctant! He is such a wonderful man, husband and father and I am so happy he agreed to be part of this."

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ravinder bhogal

"Ravinder and I met on a set and instantly became good friends, based on honesty, truth and the simplest of values… being kind. She is someone I look up to and I love her ethical journey with her restaurant Jikoni."

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