E.L.V. DENIM has collaborated with Swarovski to create an exclusive capsule collection made from 100% up-cycled denim and up-cycled crystals. After first meeting with Swarovski in 2019 to discuss the collection, founder Anna Foster has used E.L.V. DENIM’s signature zero waste jeans and jackets, and incorporated the up-cycled crystals, to create seven unique pieces. These are all individually made by hand with technical finishing to secure the processes of sewing and hot fixing. Being part of the Swarovski up-cycling programme has meant E.L.V. DENIM has injected new life into the crystals, transforming the product into custom and timeless one-off pieces that further highlights both E.L.V. DENIM’s and Swarovski’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

“I truly admire Swarovski’s commitment to sustainable development. Rather than down cycling their crystal they have used it as a positive resource, allowing brands such as myself to use them creatively, producing limited edition capsule collections. It has been such a pleasure to design with the crystals, crafting these unique pieces which are effortlessly E.L.V. DENIM.”

- Anna Foster, Founder and Creative Director.