Toyo and sid

oyo is a true creator. A stylist and a maker, she collaborated with us on our masks using Shibori techniques. Then naturally we met Sid, a model and a photographer. Their relationship is one that makes you smile.

Toyo, we were introduced by Julia Kennedy (a photographer we work with). Tell us about you….

I am a London based fashion stylist and creative maker. I have a background in fashion design and have been working in the fashion industry for 15 plus years. During the pandemic I restarted my passion in sewing and creating. I started making and selling face masks then I started Shibori dyeing fabric for them. It has now turned into a small sustainable business based on my Shibori dyeing using natural dyes. I use all-natural fibres, some that I source from 2nd hand, deadstock or remnants. The silk I use is 100% certified organic and biodegradable.

and also, our collaboration...

I absolutely was over the moon to collaborate with E.L.V. DENIM, I love the brand and your ethos of no waste. We definitely had fun with it and were able to collaborate on 4 styles of masks featuring the E.L.V. DENIM trademark style of matching two different types of their jean scraps together and I Shibori-dyed one side of the face mask. I am so grateful I met you, and am excited to see the brand grow more!  

You came into the office with your boyfriend Sid. How did you two meet?

Sid and I met in NYC while I was living there. Ironically enough we met at a fashion magazine party as he was over from England working as a model. He asked for a cheeky kiss, he then moved to NYC we spent three years there then moved to London where we have been for almost 4 years.

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