susie bubble

Susie and I were first introduced throughFashion Revolutionand her continued support has meant so much to me.

So delighted to have you as part of the #ELVfamily campaign. We first met properly last year as part of Fashion Open Studio when we discussed sustainability and the future of denim. Before then, what was your awareness of the damage of denim manufacturing on the environment?

I was definitely aware of the amount of water usage in the cotton industry and in the dyeing/washing processes of denim as well as the impact on the environment with the chemical dyes that are used. I think the stat where 2,500 gallons of water is used on average on the production of a pair of jeans is a really powerful one and really makes the reality of denim production much more concrete and hard-hitting for the general consumer.  

Our paths crossed again with my Hyundai collaboration and I was so overwhelmed with how much you loved the jumpsuit. I loved working on that collaboration, were you surprised on how successful the cross-industry collaboration was? And do you think we can embrace more of these?

The Hyundai collaboration was a really smart way of showing how materials discarded from a seemingly unconnected industry to fashion can be incorporated into garments in a realistic and wearable way, whilst also being stylistically interesting. I think there does need to be cross-field collaboration as the problems we are dealing in excess production and waste materials isn’t exclusive to the fashion industry. I also think it leads to practical industry wide practises - such as polyester made from ocean waste that is now widely used in the fashion industry. It takes a problem from one industry to solve one problem in another industry.  

And now we are making a jumpsuit for you, what are your thoughts to the steady rise in designers creating unique garments that are made-to-order in an industry where mass-produced fashion is the norm. do we have to have an antithesis and is a Made-to-order garment that?

I feel like the pandemic has really bolstered the idea of people being more connected to their clothes and finding alternative ways of buying their clothes - whether it’s the rise of secondhand on Depop or contacting independent designers through IG DM’s and ordering made to measure garments. It’s not necessarily the antithesis and of course made-to-order/measure can’t cover all wardrobe cornerstones but I think the rise of people feeling like what they wear should be special or treasured means that people are willing to wait and experience a slower process of fashion. It’s definitely been a boon for independent designers and for people to be closer to the origins of their clothes - like harking back to how people would go to their local dressmaker or tailor to have their clothes made or mended.

Of the pieces you wore - which is your favourite?

I always have trouble finding jeans I like as most styles feel too utilitarian for me. The flared style is great as the shape is great and you can see how it’s been upcycled from multiple pairs of jeans.

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