Rosh Mahtani

Rosh and I met 5 years ago; she had just launchedALIGHIERI Jewellery. I have watched her passion, kindness and talent grow her business into one that inspires me. Plus…I adore her jewellery!​

Rosh, Rosh! Creator and embodying force of my favourite jewelleryALIGHIERI please tell us how we met: 

Anna! I feel so lucky to have met you, and to have you as my friend. You borrowed some Aligheri for a shoot you were doing with Zawe Ashton for Lula magazine, back in the very early days of my journey. When I emailed you asking to have a coffee, you were so generous with your time and spirit, and thus it all began! I love that after that first coffee we made a collaborative shell necklace with your wonderful daughter Maisie - it was the perfect example of friendships being born out of objects. 

Your energy and brand values of working with friends were a real inspiration for me, how have you kept loyal to these values, does it take quite a lot to bring another member into to the core creative team?

 Thank you so much, Anna, likewise! For me, the creation of Alighieri has always been about building relationships with humans, our customers, our manufacturers and our team. It's actually maybe the easiest part of running the business, when I meet someone who inspires me with their kindness and openness, I always try to find a way to work with them. It's such hard work that I believe you need amazing people and energy around you to keep things going. 

Knowing you as I do, the boyfriends in black and white were perfect for you. How do you approach your wardrobe, do you start with your jewellery?

I absolutely love how well you know me, and I am in love with my black-and-white boyfriends'. The fit and the slouch are so flattering and feel like the ultimate starting point for any great outfit. I like to keep my wardrobe very casual, a base layer for me to layer on stacks of jewellery. When I like a garment, I live in it- a slip dress, a pair of jeans, a blazer. My boyfriends are my go-to in the morning. I don't like to think too much when I get ready, I like to have a few items always on a rotation. 

What are the favourite qualities of your E.L.V. DENIM Boyfriend Jeans?  

They are created from denim that already existed, and have lived a life. They are made with love.

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