Michelle Mahkle

Michelle is a strategic consultant who I have known and respected for many years. She owns one of each style and looks amazing in all of them. Thank you for your continuous support.

We have known each other for a VERY LONG time! Please tell everyone how we met and your journey from then until now.

We met during my time at Roland Mouret- at this stage, I can’t really remember a time where we didn’t know each other! Between various circles of friends… your styling work and sample sale seasons that felt like a social circuit – we were always in touch. But I think it’s fair to say that since both of us have become mothers and you’ve launched your other baby, E.L.V. DENIM, we’ve bonded over those journeys.

I see you as an incredible font of knowledge and a natural in the world of commerciality in the business of fashion. Did you always have this ability?

Well, that’s incredibly kind of you - I think it’s fair to say I’ve always enjoyed the reality of working in fashion. I’m a consumer and collector at heart, so I value and appreciate creative talent in all forms. Though I’m equally left and right brained so feel most fulfilled operating at the intersection of creativity and commerce. 

How do you think we should be helping young designers who want to break into the world of fashion and start a business?

The UK does a great job at cultivating talent – the challenge is embedded in your question. Starting a business is challenging if, as a designer, you don’t understand the fundamental business model or the responsibilities that come with operating a company. Almost all successful designer-led businesses have a solid business partner.
The biggest gift to young designers is that of education and mentorship. A great example is the work Trino Verkade is doing at Sarabande. Trino is an example of someone who is a tremendous inspiration and ally to creative talent, who also has the practical knowledge to help businesses launch and scale.

Tell me about the 3 pairs of E.L.V. DENIM that you own? And do you have a favourite?

I am very lucky to have 3 pairs of jeans (with more pieces on my wish list!) The first was a straight leg dark /mid blue contrast which I love wearing simply with a white shirt. The more recent pieces are the boyfriend in match black and the flare in dark blue match. My favourite would have to be the boyfriend, I’m pretty sure I wore it out of the store the day I purchased it and then proceeded to wear it the entire month of August in France… I’ve got my eye on the boyfriend in white, if they don’t sell out first, as well as a classic oversized jean jacket. Happy shopping!

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