Melissa king

I met Melissa quite early in the E.L.V. DENIM journey. Not only is she frankly a genius at pattern cutting, but such a wonderful person and that counts for everything in my world.

Please tell everyone about you.

I am a freelance creative pattern cutter working with lots of different designers, labels and brands over the years. I love my job and love working with like-minded, kind, positive people! 

We have been working together for a few years now, tell us if there are any differences between my approach to design and other more traditional forms.

When I first met Anna, her positivity and passion for her brand and life in general was wonderfully infectious. She is easy to work with knowing exactly what she likes. We talk through what she’s thinking and then I put into work her ideas. It’s much more a chat over tea in my front room or garden rather than in a studio with lots of boards of sketches. We are both flexible and fit things around our work and kids schedules. Which is another wonderful bonus. 

At E.L.V. DENIM we keep all our production local, so I am so lucky to have found you in Walthamstow. Our fittings always last an extra hour as we have a cup of tea and a natter. I feel that our mutual respect and friendship always means that we can support each other what do you think to this?

Absolutely, it is so good to work with you who I class as a friend and colleague, it’s important to me to work with people who I get on well with, respect and like to be around. Your positivity and support in work and in life are immeasurable.

You and Sharon are my dream team – tell us how you met.

We met many years ago when I was working at Luella and Sharon was at Giles in the Rochelle school studios, we were across the hall from each other and a mutual friend introduced us. We work well together and have lived around the corner from each other for years now so we travel a lot of miles each week on foot with various projects we’re working on. She’s a joy to work with and makes me laugh a lot, so between us we certainly have found a dream team!

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