marc bourne

Marc is probably the most natural model I have come across and the most reluctant! He is such a wonderful man, husband and father and I am so happy he agreed to be part of this. 

You were a rather reluctant ‘model’ for this campaign, but you were effortlessly brilliant! I am so honoured that you decided to do this shoot for me, what was it that made you say yes?

When you asked me to model for your brand I was a tad panicked and felt a little overwhelmed by the thought of it. I said no immediately! However, after thinking it through and some heavy persuasion from Amanda (see above!) I decided to take it as a compliment and go for it. I actually rather enjoyed it! Working in property is a job I love but my passion for fashion some might say is extreme!

Please tell us how we met?

I met you nearly 20 years ago when my wife began working with you. We have had a few gatherings together over the years and I have always been very fond of both you & your husband Toby.

Your devotion to your family is so admirable, and I know how much you love your family and they you. What does loyalty mean to you?

My family, my three girls, are what life is all about. Loyalty is an emotion trait and something I look for in all walks of my life…it is what makes the best friendships, working relationships and as a partner/husband and a father, it is simply what I stand by and pride myself with. 

Are you enjoying your new jeans? 

Great men’s jeans are hard to find, and I have become addicted to my E.L.V. DENIM ones. Not only do they perfectly fit, the colour and the comfort of them are perfection. I have enjoyed the many compliments I have received when wearing them. Love the ethos of this brand, proud to be a tiny part of it!