Leila and lily

Lily and I worked on a shoot only last year, and yet I feel I have known her forever. When I met Lily, I met Leila. Their relationship is so strong you can’t know one without the other. I was honoured when they agreed to be part of this.

Lily, please explain how we met and how I met your mother. Leila - I remember us bonding over cricket!

Lily: I met you last summer in between lockdowns. You commissioned me to do a shoot with you for Russh Magazine. It was the first time we met after weeks of meeting over Zoom. On the day of the shoot, we used my mum’s family home as the base for the crew. Mum and I loved you straight away. We spent most of the time gossiping away in the garden on what was one of the hottest days of the year.

You have such a special mother/daughter bond, what are the qualities you admire in each other?

Lily: I love Mummy’s honesty and forward approach. She has so much love and compassion for everyone. She’s so passionate about everything and knows how to talk to everyone and make them feel like you’re her best friend! She’s also really good at finding out everything about you!

 Leila: Lily’s optimism, is inspiring, a gift. She is loyal, kind, supportive She’s got great sense of style. And she makes me laugh!

Tell me what your favourite E.L.V. DENIM piece is?

Lily: I love the Straight Leg Contrast Jean. They’re so fun. It’s great for a casual day out and then you can put on heels and put red lippy on and then dance the night away in them!

Leila: I adore the White jacket and the fabulous high waisted jeans, which makes me look taller always a bonus!

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