Cat Deeley

Cat and I have known each other for nearly two decades. First as her stylist, then as close friends. She is my daughter’s godmother as I believe her values will inspire her, and she will always be there for her, a glass of champs in hand.​

My darling friend, I wonder if we have the same recollection of how we met:  

It was at the Matthew Williamson shop opening. I was only doing editorial and brand shoots at the time, had never really styled celebrities before, but I remember thinking how brilliantly hilarious you were on SM:TV, so I thought working with you would be such fun! Your agent did put me through my paces, but I must have passed with flying colours as look at us now!

What I remember the most is how warm and engaging you were, and you didn’t even know me when I approached you that night, do you think that, along with being the best in your field, it has been the key to your huge success?

I remember it being a really special first meeting, we instantaneously got along, and you were incandescent and impeccably dressed. Plus, I loved the fact that you approached me, it was a confident, brave move, as we were strangers until that moment, and we didn’t have any colleagues or friends in common. I think it’s that fearless attitude and sheer hard work and determination that is reflected in the incredible success of E.L.V. DENIM and of course your fabulous sense of style! 

Friends and family are hugely important to me, which is why I ask them to be part of this journey with me. What part do they play in your life? 

Friends and family are the most important aspect of my life, they inform every decision I make. Essentially, they’re the reason why we packed up everything: home, 2 kids and a dog and moved back home to London from the other side of the planet last year …with 3 weeks' notice! Crazy? Yes…. But worth it!

What are your favourite pieces of E.L.V. DENIM and what do you love about my brand?

I just love the black jeans! Simple, timeless and practical. I can roll them up in a suitcase they never crease, work with everything and can take me anywhere - From morning TV appearances, then business meetings with network executives, to dinner at Indochine in Downtown Manhattan.

But I can’t forget THIS DRESS! It is sublime! I was the first person to wear it and I loved it. It’s so unique and feminine. The super flattering lady like silhouette juxtaposed with the toughness of the denim material is an inspired choice, you are brilliant Ms Foster. Now when do I get mine?

 Love ‘Your biggest fan’ x “

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