Our Founder

Anna Foster, Founder E.L.V. DENIM
Our founder and creative director Anna Foster is as passionate about the fashion industry as she is about fixing its problems.

Before founding the brand, Anna was a fashion editor for 20 years at publications such as Exit, and i-D Magazine. She then went on to be fashion director at Lula, and fashion director-at-large at Australian style title RUSSH before deciding to focus solely on growing the E.L.V. DENIM brand in 2022.

Taking everything she learnt during her styling career, plus the common sense of everyday sustainability, Anna began developing the E.L.V. DENIM concept.

Admiring denim as a functional and long-lasting fabric, Anna realised there was an opportunity to challenge the status quo within the denim industry, which is currently producing 5bn pairs of jeans a year from virgin fibre (source).

She devised a way to upcycle secondhand jeans, cutting them up and pairing them with other jeans to create unique pieces that are modern, sophisticated and expertly tailored to fit every ‘body’.

This method sidesteps the high environmental costs of producing new denim, including the water and land used for cotton production, and the chemicals and energy in dyeing and finishing. It also stops unwanted denim from going to landfill.

Today, Anna continues to drive innovation in the fashion sector and is constantly expanding the E.L.V. DENIM collections, moving beyond denim to include cotton shirts and skirts.

She champions a fabric-first approach to design and a commitment to creating a better world, where people can make conscious fashion choices.